Eyelash Extensions  training with a certificate

4hrs Eyelash Extensions training  $699

Special one to one only training 

Introduction of Application

Eyelash Curls Thickness and  Length Curls

Important safety tips and hygiene

Practicing with real model

How-to-set-up Business experience sharing

Training inlcudes classic lash , volume lash and hybric lash

I have been doing eyelash extensions for 4 years and I have successfully made my home based salon on the top one of google search engine and I am willing to share both the technique and how-to-set-up business experience with you.

LVL Lash Lifting Training $249 with a certificate

2 hrs one to one training

Introduction of material

Introduction of application

Introduction of the difference between the original lash perming and LVL lash lifting

Introduction of the safety tips

Suppliers will be offered