Eyelash Extensions $99 World Square Sydney Town Hall

Call me today on  0420736298   to book for the fabulous service

My website:http://www.fairybeauty.com.au

My home salon is in the World Squre building near Town Hall Station

Full set individual eyelash extension: $99

(one false lash to each of your own lashes! large volume and no clump are guaranteed )

Infills within two weeks $60

Unique lower lash permanent mascare $20 can stay 2 to 3 weeks.
It will stay on your lashes as mascara for 2 weeks without any smudge and it’s 100% water proof.
Since the eyelash extensions on bottom lashes is difficult and it will make your upper and bottom ones stick to eachother when you are blinking your eyes,
I recently included the brand new semi permanent mascara solution to my treatment and there is no any sting or irritation at all while your bottom lashes are enlarging your eyes.
I am the only one offer this service in Sydney and your eyes will be double widened by this solution

We have a wide range of mink and silk eyelashes for your unique eyes.
Our lashes and glue are from Korea
Brand: Blink

You can book appoitment after you finish work from 6:00 till midnight

We normally use different length eyelashes from your outside to your inside corner.

And we have special lashes for variaties of requirements.

We have two thickness types for natual and glamorous looks.
1.5mm and 2mm

We will add lashes to all of your own lashes.
So if we say we give you a full set eyelash extension, it’s really a full set!

And we also offer pink blue purple colored lashes

See? We have all solutions for all kinds of lashes.

You can get service here after work while all the other salons are close